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PFE 2024



Applications for PFE internships 2023 are now open! We are offering a diverse range of PFE subjects across different fields and technologies. Download our PFE book and apply now :)


Selected PFE interns will work on challenging projects, be mentored, and trained throughout their internships to help them gain new skills and knowledge in their fields and explore career opportunities at satoripop.

How to Apply?

1. Find our PFE book and explore the different PFE subjects

2. Fill out the application form :

  • Choose one or up to 3 PFE subjects
  • Submit a PDF copy of your CV
  • Submit a PDF copy of your cover letter: explain your motivation for joining our company and for the PFE subjects of your choice.
Nov 27, 2023

To apply for a PFE internship, send us a PDF copy of your CV and cover letter indicating the reason why you chose the selected PFE subject(s).

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