cloud computing

as a Microsoft Certified Partner, we can help you accelerate your digital transformation with our deep knowledge and experience. Defining the efficient cloud strategy for your business is also one of our mastered operations.

to ensure an efficient and a well-governed cloud migration strategy, we will fully secure your data as well as your digital environment.

what we do

we bring you tailor-made solutions


adopt agile process in your application development cycle and help multidisciplinary team to improve quality, reduce costs, and gain time by transforming the way you develop and release services with Developers..


because we know that your data is valuable, we assure the use of the most advanced practices.


we guarantee a 24/7 phone and email support with MULTILEVEL SLA and short MTTR.

backup & recovery

combined to our know-how, we master the most advanced backup and recovery solutions.

our process

we believe that adopting the cloud environment or migrating to larger IT architectures is a major challenge. That's why at satoripop we follow the following steps


to identify benchmarking needs and improve efficiency, performance and budget.

cost analysis

tailoring cloud environment and identifing optimization opportunity

action plan

prearing a sufficient time plan for running long term phases and minimizing errors.

accomplishment & support

to set the architecture, carry out deployment backups and tests, implement monitoring and finally identify possible improvements.