artificial intelligence

our strong point is that we expertise in various business sectors such as government, telecommunication, insurance, banking and hotels, is our strong point.

whatever your core business is, our dedicated team puts at your disposal its expertise in the development of highly customizable intelligent chatbots.

combined with machine learning algorithms that are focused on predictions and recommendations, our chatbots form the ideal solution to increase your income.

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what we do

we create customizable bots scenarios in multilingual and multi-channels with the aim of meeting your requirements

bot design

the most significant step in the process of chatbot delivery is the definition of the dialog flow, plus the definition of the accurate answer the bot must provide for a given user request.

conversational ux

with the emergence of chatbots comes a new Era of UI/UX: the conversational UX.the way chatbots present the information or answer a user’s request has a big impact on reaching a new customer or retaining an existing one.


chatbots are like children to whom we should teach how to talk. Thus, Chatbot training is a nonstop service that Satoripop provides in its delivery process.

machine learning

chatbots have no extra value without machine learning algorithms behind. Our chatbots use these algorithms to understand user intentions through natural language requests, then predict and optimize the customer journey based on his behavior.

our process

At Satoripop we help you use your data legacy to optimise your resources and increase your revenue

data collecting

the first step in our process is collecting data from all customer communication channels. This includes facebook pages, Live chat, FAQ. We also schedule workshops with them to define all the scenarios where the bot has an added value. This data is used as a base for the next step

data cleaning

the data being collected, we need to clean it and to filter the useful messages and requests that can be used as a chatbots scenarios. The goal in this step is to validate with the customer the most valuable bot scenarios

bot design

the most important step of the process. Here we create the chatbot user experience. Conversations must be as humanizable as possible so that the end user does not feel insane during the conversation. In this step we also define the channels that the chatbot will be deployed to.

implementation et training

this is the technical step. Here we implement the logic behind every Scenario and Dialog of the bot, including calling business information system and other third party applications. In the same time, we work on the bot training by alimenting the NLU algorithm with the data cleaned in the early steps


the training continues even after deploying the chatbot on production. The questions and requests coming from end users are helphful in the bot training, so we use them to optimize the chatbot and minimize the misunderstanding risk

case studies